Aims and Scope

This journal seeks articles related to the economics of health and economic. Its scope will include the following topics:

  • Production and supply of health services;
  • Demand and utilization of health services;
  • Financing of health services;
  • Determinants of health, including investments in health and risky health behaviors;
  • Economic consequences of ill-health;
  • Behavioral models of demanders, suppliers and other health care agencies;
  • Evaluation of policy interventions that yield economic insights;
  • Efficiency and distributional aspects of health policy;

and such other topics as the Editors may deem appropriate. Applications to problems in both developed and less-developed countries are welcomed. Articles need to make a significant contribution to the theoretical and /or methodological literature on the subject and contain a strong economics component. Standard impact evaluations, costing studies and economic evaluation of clinical trials are not suitable for this journal.